Timothy Webb Translator

English and French legal translator/interpreter in Nice, for certified translations accepted by the prefectures in France, universities and schools, the UK Border Agency, SIA, the courts in France, Great Britain and all anglophone countries.

Qualified Member (MITI), Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK)

Certified translations of diplomas and certificates

for admissions to schools and universities in France, and for recognition of professional qualifications

Congratulations! You have applied to a French school or university, or will be practicing a regulated profession in France, and you have been asked for certified translations of your diplomas and qualifications.  My certified translations are accepted throughout France by all universities and official bodies.

I offer a fast service.  In most cases I will need to see your originals when you come to collect the translations.  If you cannot come to Nice, please send certified copies.

The first step is to ask me for a quote, using the form below:


Useful links
Access this URL (https://www.gmc-uk.org/registration-and-licensing/join-the-register/registration-applications/specialist-application-guides/eea-qualification-not-recognised/how-do-i-translate-my-evidence)General Medical Council (UK)[Translation requirements for the GMC]
Access this URL (http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/work/professional-qualifications/recognition-of-professional-qualifications/index_en.htm)Europa.eu - Your Europe[Recognition of professional qualifications in the EU]
Access this URL (http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/education/university/recognition/index_en.htmhttp://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/education/university/recognition/index_en.htm)Europa.eu - Your Europe[Recognition of academic diplomas]